A l p u j a r r a n
P r o p e r t i e s

Whilst snow returns to the summits of the Sierra Nevada it is unusual for it to fall as low as Torvizcon. Days in the village are usually still warm and sunny although the evenings turn chilly, perfect for relaxing in front of the woodburners!


Christmas here is a relaxed affair without the commercialism of England. Whilst Christmas Day is a holiday, presents are not distributed until the Three Kings visit the village on Twelth Night.

New Year is celebrated with grapes & cava - one sip and one grape for each chime of the bell to bring luck throughout each of the coming 12 months. 




January is the time of Torvizcon's big Fiesta, St Antonio Abad. Bonfires are lit on each street corner casting showers of sparks into the night. Meat is roasted and shared amongst neighbours and the party continues for three days.